Jeremy Jackson: The Brutal Text

The mystery of a man who was beheaded alive before a sickening picture of his head was sent to his brother continues to baffle cops more than five years on.

Corey Jackson, of Jackson, Mississippi, says his elder brother called him, saying: “I just sent you a picture, man. Tell me if that looks like Jeremy or not.”


When he looked at his phone, he saw the severed head of his younger brother Jeremy, placed on top of the front steps at home located in the 1500 block of Deer Park St.

A few hours later, the 30-year-old’s headless, burnt body was found less than a mile away close to Green Avenue near Grand Avenue. Residents told CNN affiliate WLBT that a group of children found the body in a wooded area. Other sources have described the area where the body was found as a field.

Man learned his brother was murdered after pal texted him photo of  sibling's severed head | Metro News
Pic: Metro

Asked if the owner of the home where the head was found knew the victim, police said they were not aware of any connection.

The Jackson State University student had also suffered a non-fatal gunshot wound to the leg.

An autopsy showed he was alive when he was beheaded, and a tweet by the Jackson Police Department stated that the cause of death was ‘decapitation’.

He was last seen on June 9, 2017, the day before his body and head were found.

Corey said his brother was in good spirits. He’d given him a haircut before driving him to an interview at a restaurant, which he’d been offered.


He said he “didn’t seem worried or scared like something was going to happen to him or someone was looking for him.”

At the time, Police Chief Lee Vance said residents were left reeling by the “shocking, brutal, bizarre” murder, which left “gaping wounds in the psyche of this city”.

“Me and my family, we just feel like we don’t understand how something of this magnitude could have happened and you don’t have any kind of information on it,” he told the Ledger.

“Somebody had to see something.”

Jackson police put out a reward for $20,000 or information at the time, but no arrests have been made.

However, Police Sergeant Roderick Holmes said in 2019 that the investigation was “ongoing”. Investigators have identified persons of interest and “certain information is still being analyzed, he said.

Erica Hutton, CEO of Hutton Forensics, a criminal profiling agency, said the clean-cut indicated a prolific criminal.

“This is not their first crime,” she said. “This is not their first time killing… It’s a message.”

The Jackson Police Department had called on the FBI, DEA, and ATF in hopes of bringing a quick resolution to the case but it appears that it remains unsolved.

Limited information is available in this case so I am not too sure what to make of it. The most recent articles I could find were from 2019, and even then it seemed no new information had been released since 2017 when the murder happened. It would appear that based at least on the circumstances that the case the murder was personal. Of course, I could be completely wrong about this and was wondering what you all think.

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